Our Distinctive Approach


China is different from the rest of the world. Even experienced international travellers often go through mixed emotions when facing a business trip to meet clients, suppliers and even colleagues in their offices in China. They often report feeling excitement and mystery, but also confusion and uneasiness. Business trips are often whirlwinds of banquets and intense meetings, and do not help to overcome these feelings. As a result, visitors to China frequently have little confidence and this can be a real obstacle to effective interaction with their Chinese counterparts.

This should not be the case. It is actually very easy to grasp the head of the ‘twisted rope’ by understanding the basics of the essential areas. The aim of our training courses is to dispel the feeling of mystery associated with China. They will help you to feel happy and confident when dealing with your Chinese partners, customers and colleagues, and make you feel eager to go to China to find out more. Most importantly, they will give you the ability to understand Chinese lives and culture, so that you can have a productive and enjoyable time while you are there.